Practice Areas

Although Getty Law Office is a general practice firm, the law office focuses on personal injury, criminal law, probate/estate planning, and landlord/tenant law. In addition, the law firm also focuses on custody matters and juvenile case. The office can handle all types of court cases from prosecution to defense. Mr. Getty's experience in both criminal and civil litigation goes back to 2001, when Mr. Getty first became a lawyer. His litigation experience includes advanced and complex business matters, personal injury matters, and complex felony criminal litigation. Mr. Getty and the law firm pride itself with their focus on court room experience and ability to persuade a jury, judge, and prosecutor.

Below are summaries of the various fields of practice. If you do not see your case type under the below headings, please contact our office as we may well handle your case, but simply haven't listed it.


Personal Injury

If you have suffered an injury due to the recklessness, carelessness and negligence of another party, you need a qualified and experienced attorney on your side. Our office will aggressively represent you through the legal process to recover the fair and reasonable compensation that you deserve. We have represented numerous clients and have worked in this field since 1997. Dan first began as a claims adjuster, giving him the edge to deal with uncaring insurance companies to get his clients the most possible money.

We are able to provide hands on caring representation in such matters. Your case is handled individually and personally by Daniel F. Getty. Don't let your case get lost with mass law firms.

Criminal Litigation

From traffic violations to arrest of serious felony criminal charges, our office will provide you with a reasonable and aggressive defense strategy to address your individual needs. We will aggressively represent your rights every step of the way. We believe in giving everything to obtain the best outcome for our criminal clients. Every client is different and deserve our full time and attention. Most of all we care about our criminal clients, they are people that got involved in the system. They aren't guilty just because they need a lawyer.

Custody Law

Issues regarding custody, parenting time, or child support can arise when married and unmarried parents go their separate ways. Our office can assist you when it comes to enforcing or modifying custody, visitation, and support orders. We do not get steam rolled and will fight your issue through litigation if necessary. We are experienced and have representation in all local juvenile courts stemming back to 2005. We have handled 500 plus cases in the local juvenile courts. Our experience has enabled us to establish contacts in all local courts so the system can work for our clients.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Your rights as a landlord matter. You make substantial investments in your property, and assume significant risk when renting your property to a tenant. As a landlord, you cannot afford to allow lease disputes to drag on and for tenants to remain in properties without paying rent.

With a focus on landlord representation, my office can provide you with lease drafting and review, eviction, collection actions for back rent, unpaid utilities and damage to premises. We are competitive and aim to keep our landlords satisfied with efficient quality and financially reasonable legal services.

Our experience in landlord/tenant law is tremendous. We fight for your rights. We pride ourselves with the efficiency of filing eviction complaints within days of receiving the initial documentation. Mr. Getty has handled houndreds of evictions and prides himself with his vast experience and knowledge of landlord/tenant law in Ohio.

Our office provides full landlord services and is geared to evict tenants while the landlord is not inconvenienced by the process.


Estate Planning/Probate

Every person, and especially people who have children and own property, should have an estate plan. Estate planning includes drafting wills and/or trusts that provide a plan for distributing assets upon your death, naming a guardian for your children, and designating a person to make decisions in the event of incapacity.

Careful estate planning can significantly reduce the estate tax exposure to your estate, ease the probate process for your children and beneficiaries, minimize the chance of a will contest, and ensure that your own wishes for health care and asset distribution are followed in the future. Our office will custom tailor an estate plan that best fits your specific needs. We will do so efficiency, with care, and at reasonable and fair prices.

Average Fees

Personal Injury:

We charge a reasonable contingency fee of 25%. A contingency fee means that the attorney is not paid until the client is. Contingency fees charged by most all other law office's are 33.3%. An initial consultation is needed to access the client's claim(s) and gather information. We try to obtain the best possible outcome for each and every client facing person injury litigation, but believe 25% of such is more than enough to compensate us for our services.


Ranges from a flat fee starting at $1,500.00, depending on the complexity of the case and charges. Call to set up an appointment or get a quote for your specific case.

General Litigation:

The hourly rate is $175.00. Retainer agreements vary, starting at $1,500. If you have additional questions, please call and inquire. Initial consults are recommended.


The hourly rate is $175.00. Retainer agreements vary, starting at $1,500. If you have additional questions, please call and inquire. Initial consults are recommended.


No initial consult is needed. We serve a wide range of clients: from investor-only landlords to out of state landlords. We are able to handle the entire process from posting 3 days notice to making sure the property is vacated. We attempt to make the process as painless as possible and our clients have great trust in our expertise.

Filing fee prices will vary depending on county and number of defendants. Preparation of the complaint is done on a flat fee basis. Currently serving Dayton, Kettering, Fairborn, Greene, and surrounding counties. If your county is nearby, but not listed, please inquire about attorney's availability.

Below is an average price list:
(Note: Prices may vary. For specific prices in your county, please call.)

3 Day Notice:
- Preparation/Client Serves: $40.00
- Preparation/Law Firm Service: $80.00

Forcible Entry and Detainer Preparation $200.00

Filing Fees vary anywhere from $144-$170
(Additional fee required for writ of restitution)
- Hourly rates of $175.00 per hour may apply

Estate PLanning:

Unlike estate plans from other sources, at Getty Law Office, LLC you will receive attention to detail and a full estate plan rather than bits and pieces. Having a plan is important and we understand our clients fears and anxiety surrounding estate planning. As such, we provide counseling for the clients as well as document preparation.

Our full estate plan includes:
1. Last Will & Testament
2. Ohio Living Will
3. Ohio Health Care Power of Attorney
4. Power of Attorney
5. Trust (optional)

His/Her Wills begin at $400.00. The addition of a trust with his/her Wills begin at $1,000.00. Other hourly, $175.00, rates may apply.

Initial consult is needed to gain information and preferences from the client(s) and to quote prices.

Probate prices vary depending on value of estate and agreement.

*Please note this is not an offer or quotation for services. Prices obtained directly by phone end are subject to change without notice. This list is meant only to supply potential clients with estimates of possible fees.

Practice Areas